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Lisa Ternes, born in 1988 lives and works in Perth, WA.

Her works evoke underlying tones of identity, vanity, pleasure, and toy with a hint of playful sexuality. Her characters are influenced by models, photographers, pornography, actors and the anonymous characters of those who dwell in the unforgiving world of the internet. Her work expresses a fascination for exhibitionism.

Lisa’s work articulates an interest in the composition of female bodies in popular media, an innate questioning of notions of beauty, and the strangeness of this interpretation into illustration.

Intuition plays a large part of Lisa’s process. Choosing to reject most of her education, she states that;
“I worry about the evolution of female identity, how it is being portrayed by what I see in media, internet blogs, magazines, porn and sites like YouTube where you have 15-20 year old girls trying to become famous by whatever means possible (Ping Vee, Rebecca Black), these things are heavily influencing the day to day lives of regular women. As for myself, I personally have never felt particularly attractive, but to be perfectly honest, It’s never been a massive issue. Thus the reason I am intrigued by the constant struggle for perfection I crave as a woman, which i can’t change but still have. This series is part of an ongoing exploration into the evolution of women in today’s society”

Recent collaborations include large scale murals at 399 Bar, Five Bar and Mrs S. Lisa has also exhibited in IHART 2011, Pastemodernism in Sydney, ‘Crash’ studio closing exhibit and now in Girls Drawing Girls.